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Isn’t all wine vegan?

Yes, wine is made from grapes, but not all wine is vegan! During the winemaking process, animal by-products are often used, especially during the fining process, leaving trace amounts of animal product in the wine. At Bellissima, we never use animal by-products in the creation of our wines. All Bellissima Wines are certified vegan by BevVeg and ICEA.

How do you create the Zero Sugar Wines?

We ferment our wines to dryness so that the natural sugar from the grapes is completely converted into alcohol. You can learn more here.

Why organic grapes?

Not only does growing organically safeguard the land and its biodiversity, but it also allows the grapes to grow naturally, beautifully and to express their natural qualities. Our wines have no residuals of pesticides, herbicides or any other nasty chemicals. Clean and delicious.

Are all of your wines Zero Sugar?

We have a wine for every taste, every value and every lifestyle.
All Bellissima Wines are low or no sugar, but not all Bellissima Wines are Zero Sugar. Some of our classics have just a little bit of residual sugar remaining from the grapes. You can find the serving facts and the residual sugar content of each of our wines under each wine’s product page.